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Thursday, May 30

Feltman Brothers Dress In a Window

Feltman Brothers Dress hanging in the window at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge
The Gift Shops at Woman's and Baby hospitals have great stuff!

I was taken by how much this style looks like the French Acadian dresses found in my area.

This yoke style is totally like the vintage dresses you find here. 

Feltman Brothers has been making baby clothes for decades.  And while some of the workmanship is still amazing, I was disappointed in the stitching on the dress shown here.  I am just generally sad to see quality decline is so many areas of today's products.

This sleeve has tiny elastic sewn in to gather it which makes it quick and also easy to fit different sized baby arms.

Again the hem is so much like the old baby gowns here!!

Over all, the dress is pretty.  Only on close inspection  - by those who know (us) would you see any problems.

I have old Feltman Daygowns and Dresses handed down that I dressed my baby's in.

I would like to hear from you also have old Feltman Brothers baby clothes in your history??

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FloridaBird said...

In April, 1979, I had the cutest little Feltman outfit for my son, but he was too big for it, weighing in at 10 lbs 2 oz. It was the only piece of baby clothes I kept of his, mainly because it was so beautifully crafted.

Martha said...

I love Feltman Brothers and it is so heartwarming to see them still made today. I had closets full of Feltman Brothers when mine were tiny and the grandchildren have worn them as well.

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