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Tuesday, May 14

Having Fun!

This is the crown of a bonnet that  my friend is stitching.

I decided to celebrate spring in my garden with a couple of friends.

Isn't Spring beautiful?

This only looks like a plate of sandwiches and cheese.

But, it is a plate that I bought at a Paris Flea Market (I just love saying those words!) and has French Cheese on it.

Roses for my table. 

Friends ebay treasures.
And friends who brought Show and Tell.

This vintage tatting was the inspiration for an entire outfit.

Sweet & Simple Baby Daygown Collections.
A Daygown, Bonnet and Slip.

The slip that sports the tatting is not shown.  
The tatting proved to be too much for the Daygown. Isn't that funny how what we think will work and what really will work is often not the same thing at all!

I like her muted color choices.  
And the design she is embroidering on her Bonnet Crown.

She used DMC  761 and 3815
Anchor converts to - 1020 or 1021 green and 877 or 875 pink.

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2013 Jeannie Baumeister

1 comment:

suziwong said...

I adore teeny tatting and the vintage tatting is lovely.
i so wish i knew how to tatt - learning by book or YouTube just doesn't cut it for me.

Happy Spring - we're in Autumn and heading toward Winter (my least favourite season) at an alarming pace. Sitting outside enjoying the garden and weather will have to be enjoyed through you and your blog posts *sigh*

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