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Friday, July 12

NYC Fabrics

I went to Mood Designer Fabrics for the first time.

Mood Fabric is  chock full of great fabric.  
The layout is  more like a warehouse  than a fancy shop because they have so much. 

It was not so easy for me to find.  I didn't see it by just wandering around the Garment District.
In fact I needed my google map with the blinking dot to find it.

And even then, I passed it twice and went back to where the dot stopped but didn't see Mood.   I must look like a Sewing Lady, because someone took pity on my and asked if I was looking for Mood Fabrics! They told me where it was.

If I had been across the street from Mood I would have seen the signs by looking up.

But when walking on the same side of the street, this is the entrance you see.  Doesn't mention Mood Fabric anywhere.  You go inside.   Then you take an elevator up to Mood.  The elevator  was cool because it was old and had an elevator operator.

I like elevator operators. 

This was the aisle I was looking for and the pink fabric you see un-rolled was one of the fabrics I was after.  It is a fine linen.  Really nice.

Another shop I really like is Pacific trimming.  They are a no nonsense trim company.

Aisles full of ribbons and other trims.

Alot of very useful items that you don't see everywhere.
I found a metal  curve rule to replace my plastic rule.

Unlike every other city in America - there is no shortage of fabric shops and notions!

(but not Heirloom shops)

Ahh, another day in NYC

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a great trip you are having. What fabric did you buy?

Jeannie B. said...

I bought the pink linen. It is beautiful!

Kathy said...

I went to Mood last month. My husband went along with me, which is a good thing as he's the one that actually managed to find the address and locat the shop. Isn't it fantastic? Hubby sat at the table near the door and patted Swatch while I shopped. We also hit Pacific Trimming, and a small shop called Diana Fabrics.
I'm glad you had a fun time.


Alicia said...

Ah, my dream trip! So glad I can live vicariously thru you, Jeannie!

suziwong said...

i've wanted to visit Mood for a while now...writers of other stitching/sewing blogs i read go there. Since i'm so far away, the next best thing is reading about others' Mood shopping expeditions.

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