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Thursday, August 8

Antique Stores Along the Way

This is an old Gown.  Not well constructed but I liked the design.
We stopped at quite a few Antique Stores along the way.  Me, always looking for Linens and Baby Clothes.

We stopped in a town and there was alot of excitement about this antique shop.  It is the home of the TV show American Pickers.  Who knew?
We waited in kidding....just to go inside.  Nothing here for me though.

Another store  and again...Quilts. Piles of them!

I love the old fashioned patterns.  And the old fabrics.
Real 30's fabrics!

I like the simple quilts the best. 
 I have never bought an old quilt and really didn't know how to go about it.  I don't know how to know if it will fall apart the first time it is washed.  Or what a good price is.  But the mid-west seems to be the place to find them in abundance.

It wasn't the place to find Embroidered Linens or Baby Clothes.

I did buy this old pressed glass Biscuit Jar.

Perfect for Scones!

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1 comment:

Little Penpen said...

I found you by googling old fashioned embroidery blogs; I saw your biscuit jar. I bought one just like it at a thrift store recently. My mom has had one like it for storing soap in her bathroom for years. I was tickled when I found mine!

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