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Wednesday, August 14

Eleanor Burns Quilts and The National Quilt Museum

I can just see a little Smocked Dress with any of these fabrics, smocked in floss using this color combo.
I am in love with these color combinations!!

We went to an Eleanor Burns Quilt in A Day shop in Puducah, Ky.

Puducah is like...well, the quilt capitol of the world!!!
Not really, but there is alot of quilting going on there.  Which means alot of fabric.

This is a picture of the entire quilt I love.
Sometimes I find our Heirloom Shops to be kind of repetitious in the prints department.  Like they all buy fabric from the same place and carry much of the same thing.  That's where Quilt shops come in.  They are no good for fine Heirloom fabric but can be creative  and fun for play clothes and Smocked Dresses.  Especially Smocked Dresses!!

The walls are lined with fabric suitable for children's clothing.

Another wonderful color combination.

I see a little green dress, smocked with shades of pink!
(or was it a little pink flowered dress smocked with shades of green?)

An exciting morning for me was spent at The National Quilt Museum.  They would not allow pictures so you can only see what I saw if you visit.  I was mainly interested in the Civil War Quilts but there were many beautiful quilts to see otherwise too.  My mind ran away with me as I thought about the hands that stitched these amazing textiles so long ago and in such a troubled time.

Love this picture of the Yo-Yo's.
Kind of like my Sew Sew's Sewing group.

The Yo Yo's get together and quilt at the National Quilt Museum.  They are like - on display!   It would be like Smocking with the Sew Sew's in public!!

What fun!!

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1 comment:

Jean said...

I did not know that there is a Quilt in a Day museum! QiaD is how I learned to quilt lo these many years ago--that's how I got started sewing. I was in college and I would make a quilt over summer and Christmas vacation for a change!

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