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Saturday, September 7

Pretty Fabric For My Granddaughter

Lovely fabric, chosen with Miah in mind.
I am going to make a quilt with my Granddaughter.  

Never mind that I have only started quilts but never actually made one!

She ironed all 20 Fat Quarters.

And I cut them into 4" squares. We're a team!

I will never allow her to use my Rotary Cutter. 
 I use it but am deathly afraid of it!

Our plan is to sew two squares together until all of them have a partner.

Then arrange it in a pretty way. 
The fabric is melt in your mouth delicious!!

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Sirinadesigns said...

Such a great project for you to work on together. I used to love sewing with my nan. Can't wait to see your progress and the finished quilt.

Louise Michie said...

A wonderful bonding activity that will result in another family heirloom. You are a terrific grandmother.
Encourage your granddaughter to watch some quilting videos on youtube. The lessons there will build her confidence.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Pretty fabric! What a wonderful gift you are giving to your granddaughter-time with you and hopefully, a hobby she can enjoy for a lifetime.

Safe quilter said...

Your sewing is always so beautiful, I'm sure the quilt (and the memories) you and your granddaughter make will be beautiful also. As a quilter myself, I understand that using a rotary cutter is scary at first but if you keep safety in mind when using it, you will find it an indispensable tool. I noticed in your picture the cutter is in the open position. It should only be in the open position when you have it in your hand actually cutting. If it is closed each time you complete the cut and when you lay it down, there is little chance of a cut being made where you don't want it (like on your hand or body-I've even heard of new quilters who have dropped the cutter and severely cut their foot or toe)!

Jeannie B. said...

Hi Safe Quilter. You are so right!! I think that I ALWAYS keep my cutter closed. And here is proof in pictures that I don't!!

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