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Saturday, September 28

Sister Trip - Cleveland 2

I'm wearing a hand knit sweater my sister made - beautiful and just my color!
On Sunday afternoon we strolled around Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

A stones throw from Cleveland and right around the corner from Parkside Church.

The home Church of Alistair Begg is Parkside Church.  He is part of a ministry called Truth For Life.  

I have listened to him for years on the radio and I wanted to hear him speak in person.  We went to Church at Parkside on Sunday morning and it was wonderful.  I loved the Church and loved the Bible message from the book of Esther.  Encouraging, inspiring and God focused.

Here is a one view of the famed falls.

Another fall - the same river.

Portrait from the Cleveland Art museum.
(another free and very worthwhile thing to do in Cleveland - more later)

Close up of the roses in the above picture.

In case you are wanting information about the portrait.

another fun day.....

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carolg said...

You are making me homesick! Love Chagrin Falls! Nice to see a blogger with a positive view of Cleveland. It's a great place and I'm proud to call it home!

Jerry said...

Jeannie, I love listening to Alistaire Begg as well. How wonderful that you got to be in a service with him.

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