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Wednesday, October 9

Sister Trip - Just Cleveland

We went to the downtown Cleveland Farmers Market.
The building was old and beautiful.

The food choices - amazing!  We bought items for lunch and had a picnic.

View from Lolly The Trolly

Lolly The Trolly - Touring historic Cleveland
A fun way to see Cleveland!

My sister lives right in the city.  In one of the Heights area.

Can you spot the two deer? Right in the back yard!!!

Cleveland - Home of several Craft Brewery's

And a fond farewell.

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1 comment:

Connie said...

Hello Jeannie, thank you for letting me tag along on your trip to Cleveland. I am a Washington State transplanted Midwesterner and I miss the Midwest especially this time of year with the brilliant fall colors. I've never visited Cleveland but it looks like a wonderful city. I would have loved the concert featuring Woody Guthrie music. I am a true fan of his work and play many of his tunes. His lyrics are so Americana and of the times that my parents lived through. Hard times make strong people.
How can I type this and not mention your needlework skills . . . I am beyond words, you are a genius with fabric and needle. Truly amazing :)
I'm your newest fan and follower and I would love to take this opportunity to invite you over to my humble blog to visit.
Have a delightful day.
Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

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