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Tuesday, January 7

On Treating A Cold!

I have a cold. 
 Just the sneezing, runny nose kind.  That makes you feel lousy.

So, this is how I spent most of my day.  
Stitching in front of the fire.

A warm, cozy fire.  With real wood burning.

Stitching on my quilt.
I must say, my quilting stitches are nothing to brag about.  
At this point I am trying to just get them even.  I have read that a "good quilter" gets about 12 stitches per inch.  Is that even possible??  My all time  best is 5 stitches per inch!!

But I like the stitching.

To feel better, you need hot  tea in a pretty teacup.

And a good book to read when you take a break from stitching.

I have read this book several times and I always enjoy it.  
I love "going out West" stories.

May your day be warm.

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Louise Michie said...

I know the weather will be keeping everyone indoors, but try to get a massage. Maybe you have some oil and you can massage your feet and legs, maybe your neck and face. Massages keep the lymph system in good health and this will really help your immune system to work hard. You will recover faster.

Jeannie B. said...

A massage does sound good!!

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