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Sunday, February 2

Fun! Old State Capital/Stitching Exhibit

It might seem odd.  
But one of my favorite things about the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge was the marble floor in the Ladies Room.  The entrance had WOMEN engraved in it as you entered.

No question I was going into the right toilet!

It is a beautiful building. The Baton Rouge Old State Capitol.

Stained glass ceiling and rich old wood.

My eye was pleased everywhere I looked.

I am  looking down from the top of the spiral staircase.

Every room is artistically done.  You would be hard pressed to find the artisans who could reproduce the workmanship in this building. It is fabulous.

Imagine working in it everyday as was once the case. Shoes clicking importantly on the marble floors.  I can imagine it.  Women in smart dresses  and men in suits.

One thing I wish we as a people would do, is to appreciate  the beauty of the old buildings we have and keep them.  We tend to tear them down and replace them with something "new" or "efficient" but not nearly as lovely.  We need beauty for our soul.

That is the message I received from this exhibit.  That women could find and create beauty from whatever was available.
Women know this!  We need beauty for our soul.
A Friend and I went to the free exhibit titled "Our Quilted Past" but it is really about how our Grandmothers used Feed sacks for clothing as well as Quilts.

Our Quilted Past
An exhibit of quilts made from feed and flour sacks between 1925 and 1955 and the story of recycling cotton bags into household items.

February 1-28, 2014
info:225 342-0500

Anyone who has ever held a needle in their hand would love this!

More….next post.

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Val said...

Do you ever make things and sell them. When I find out what this grandbaby is going to be I would love to have something from you. That would be so special.

Jeannie B. said...

Hi Val, No I never sell anything. Like everyone else I am always trying to keep up with what I already have going on and barely doing that! YOU can make something though!! That would be very special!! Thanks

Goosegirl said...

Sooooooo cool!! I can't wait to read your next post too! I hope you were able to take pics in tne exhibit.

Jeannie B. said...

Yes! I have pictures.

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