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Wednesday, April 2

Charlenes Sewing Room

This is my favorite space in her sewing/work rooms.  
A comfy chair for stitching - with wonderful natural light! 

The door in this room leads right to the patio.  So if the weather is lovely, she could sit out side.  
Wouldn't this be perfect for me??

A China hutch holds a rainbow of threads.

With more thread held in jars on a shiny table.

And even more jars of thread. 
 She is a professional Quilter, so she uses lots of threads.

This is the the room where she does her machine sewing. 
She found some furniture that a hotel had discarded.  The cabinet where the TV is sitting has great storage inside.  The ironing station is at the end of the room.

Customers quilts are hanging in order to be quilted.
I wish I had taken a picture of this piece of furniture.  Also from a hotel, it is the cabinet where the TV goes with drawers underneath that is in every Hotel Room.   She put a tension bar to hold the hangers in place of a TV.  The drawers underneath will hold lots of sewing needs.

Who can believe these are the floors of a Sewing Room??
The room from a different angle.  

The "pictures" on the wall are actually framed bulletin boards with her works in progress  pinned to them.  Her cutting table is in the middle of the room.  A drawer in the sewing table hold items for sewing.

Her ironing station up close.

Another machine across the room by the window for light.

This is how she does it!

This is only one half of her huge walk in closet.  She is able to have a clutter free, work ready sewing room  because she has everything organized in her closet  and at the ready.

What I like about Charlene's Sewing and Work Room:
It is clutter free which means you don't have to dig through things to find what you need.  
It is clutter free which means you can start a new project without  finding a place to begin.
It is clutter free and organized so you know just where the scissors, pins, ruler…etc is.
It is clutter free and pleasing to the eye which means a person doesn't want to run screaming from the room!

Do not be fooled into thinking she never sews here.  
She uses her rooms every bit as much as I do.
And that is everyday!

No wonder she's happy!

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1 comment:

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a beautiful room! Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm certainly inspired to get better organized, it's a real struggle.

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