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"Baby will be well and smiling in little garments made by Mother, Auntie, Grannie and loving friends!"

Please join me as I teach the old fashioned techniques and skills needed to sew baby clothes. You will find lessons that start at the very beginning and take you step by step as we sew little baby clothes together. May you find much joy and pleasure in making them.
It's easy and it's fun!!

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Thursday, July 23

Chicago Retreat - Sharing The Love

A student is tracing the design on my Fine Embroidery on a Baby Dress class.

Day Two (and the morning of Day Three) were spent in the class room.  Which is the primary purpose of the Saga Retreat - learning and perfecting stitches and techniques.  Because the focus of Saga is really about Sharing the Love of Smocking and Fine Sewing.

So the class room is where it's all happening during the day!

But at night we have all kinds of fun!

The pretty Basket Ladies!!
If one of these ladies came to you, at your table, it meant... 


This White Work Basket is to die for!

And a great many tickets went toward this hand stitched beauty.

I offered a Basket too, full of wonderful Mother of Pearl Buttons.

You can be sure that each of the Baskets went to a loving home!  (although none of them went to my own home)

We had pretty Table Favors to delight us. And each of use got to take these home.

It is so kind of the Guilds who spend alot of time and effort making them for us.
They were much appreciated.

Cute note card!!
But can I actually bear to send it to someone?

It is so much fun to be with a group of ladies who share your love of sewing.

And are fun to be with.

And are just so darn nice!

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