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Tuesday, August 11

Stitching On My Featherweight!

My Featherweight Sewing Machine once belonged to my Mother.  
It's a little worse for wear but stitches beautifully.

My Granddaughter is helping me stitch this quilt.

She is the third generation to sew on this machine. 
Well, if my Grandmother used it too, then she is the fourth.

I am so happy my 16 year old Granddaughter likes to sew with me.
And she's good!

 Old Shoo Fly Quilt pattern. I was trying out colors for the sashing.  Blue it will be!

I decided to stitch these Quilt Blocks together using my Featherweight.
The quilt is for my oldest son and I think it will be extra special made on my Mothers old Sewing Machine.

I love sewing on it.

 I love that my Mother once sat in front of it.  That she touched the same levers as I touch and wound the bobbin like I am doing now.  It makes me happy. You never stop missing your Mother.

I love the mechanical sound of it, too.
I'm thinking about making a Daygown with it!

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Susan said...

It would be a fun "sew-along" series of posts for those of us who have featherweights. I would love to participate if you do one. I'd love something using the latest patterns I bought from you in Orlando, Baby's Summer Clothes, or the romper from Best Embroidered Summer Clothes Two. Any "sew-along" like the Pricilla's Daygown would be great. Bet many of the Victorian Smockers would love to participate. Susan VH

Susan said...

What fun it would be to have a "sew-along" using our featherweights. Or, I would love to have another "sew-along" like we did with the Priscilla's Daygown. I personally would love a "sew-along" with one of the patterns I purchased from you in Orlando, Baby's Summer Clothes, or the romper from Best Embroidered Baby Clothes Two. I think the Victorian Smockers would love that. Susan VH

Jeannie B. said...

Yes, I was thinking about the fun of doing a sew along using my Featherweight!

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