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Please join me as I teach the old fashioned techniques and skills needed to sew baby clothes. You will find lessons that start at the very beginning and take you step by step as we sew little baby clothes together. May you find much joy and pleasure in making them.
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Tuesday, January 19

New Daygown for Baby Boy!

The Baby Boy Daygown I have been stitching is finished and ready to give to the new Mother.

It turned out just the way I wanted it to.

I finished the neck with a Bias Band.  Stitched the little buttons on with blue embroidery floss.  Hand stitched the Swiss edging along one side of the front.

And embellished the Daygown with the simple Featherstitch and Pinwheel Posies.

The cuff has the same treatment as the front. But I stitched the Swiss edging on by machine, then used the hand running stitch and blue embroidery floss to anchor the cuff in place. 

Ta Daaaa!!

Baby Boy Daygown in Blue.


Prayers for the new baby:  May this Daygown  wrap your new baby in love with sweet dreams and peace filled days.  May he learn wisdom young and follow in the steps of Jesus.  May he be filled with wonder and merriment at the beauty of Gods creation.

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

You are right - Adorable! There just isn't any other good description for it. I hope we will be able to see the little darling in it.

vincie said...

As always - beautiful work!! Just precious! Love the details.


Curtains in My Tree said...

That is so pretty and soft and sweet ,something a newborn baby should be in.
I have a new baby in my family and on his trip home from the hospital they put him an jeans and a plaid shirt and my heart just cried to see him in a baby gown and receiving blanket.
The young people today don't do baby gowns I guess?


Jeannie B. said...

Thank you! I'm happy you all like it too.

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