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Saturday, April 16

30 Minutes of Fun

I take the message on this bag seriously!

Today was a busy day, but I took 30 minutes to stitch on my Son #2's Quilt

I started his quilt in 2012, and have a bit completed.  This project was put aside as other things popped up.  And he didn't seem in any hurry for it, so I wan't either.

That changed when I gave Son#1 his quilt recently.  

Son #2 started asking me where was the quilt I was making him.  I am so excited about that!!!  Sometimes I wonder if my kids are just being polite or do they really want what I am making them.

So this Red Quilt is out on my Sewing Table.
I love sewing on it.

I love sewing especially for someone.
Someone special to me.

And I am having extra fun because I am using my Mom's old Featherweight machine.
It reminds me of her.

Turns out, you can do a lot in 30 minutes.
Two completed squares and bits and pieces put together, ready to make more squares.

I love the timer feature on my Phone.

I encourage you all to take 30 minutes today and just sew something!

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Eileen said...

I will be finishing up sewing for the school musical tonight. After this week is over I can get going on my projects!

Isabel Furtado de Mednonça said...

Love the idea!

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