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Saturday, October 2

Something Wonderful!

While away at SAGA, a sweet someone brought me these two magazines.
She told me she thought of me when she found them and wanted me to have them.
I was thrilled!!

I was thrilled because this old magazine was the inspiration for the cover of my book.  And of course, I love old Needlework magazines.
An artest did her interpretation of the  original picture.
I am going to frame the cover of the old Needlecraft magazine.

I asked my artest to give the little girl eyelet trim on the sleeves and an eyelet collar.

And add my cat.

My cat Rily. (Not the one who bit me. Someone always asks!)

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2010 Jeannie Baumeister


Brer Rabbit said...

Oh wow - what a treasure!!!

Sara said...

Love that!!!

Robin Hart said...

Riley reminds me of my cat Fluffy. He went to a good home this summer as both my grandson and boyfriend are highly allergic. I sure miss him...

Susan said...

What a treasure. I am sure you are delighted. I know I go gaga over every Van Houten's Chocolate ad or trading card I come across.

Off topic, I emailed you about the hand made Priscilla's daygown from past Atlanta convention. I need blue fabric and lace for slip and bonnet. Yes, I have done the entire gown by hand and loved it!!!! Susan VH

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