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Saturday, December 11

Bright City Lights.

We went to St. Pauls Cathedral.  The music from the singing really was Heavenly.
We were busy in NYC.

I thought these would look cute hanging in my Granddaughters room.
The NYC Ballet was very clever to sell the dancers worn out shoes.  They are signed by the dancer.
We saw the NYC Ballet perform the Nutcracker.  OH, I loved it.  The dancing was divine.  The set was luscious and the live music delighted me.  And I also realized that the Baton Rouge performance of the Nutcracker really is good (except the dancing can not compare) and the Baton Rouge set is every bit as good as the one in New York!  It is very worth seeing.

The Lion King.
The Lion King.  Being my first NYC show, I was blown away by the entire thing.  I know other shows must be as good, but I don't see how they could be any better than this one.  The set and the production were amazing.  Beyond words.   But you probably already know that.

Sak's 5th Ave.  Only one of the amazing window displays!
At 9:00 pm one night we just happened to be there when Music started to play and the entire building lit up with a light show.  Falling snow flakes and more.  EVERYONE stopped in their trackss and watched.  It was magical!
I have always heard that the Shop windows are unbelievable at Christmas and it's true!  You would really need a video camera to capture the windows because they move and there is music. 
You would really need a video camera with sound to capture New York.  It is all about movement and Noise! 

The clock in Grand Central Station at night time.  
What was I doing out on the streets at this time of night??  Everyone is out on the streets!
Can you believe one of my favorite things in NYC was Grand Central Station.  I didn't have much time there and NO time to explore.  I think I just stood in the middle, with my mouth open and looked at the beautiful ceiling and architecture.  Then I imagined how it was during the war when there were so many sad goodbyes!  

Grand Central Station
When we arrived there was Choir singing Christmas songs.  A man asked me if it was a Flash Mob?  Flash Mob?? Did I look like I knew?? I had never heard that term before. But I looked it up so now I do know!  It is where a large group of people do unusual things  in an unsuspecting public place.  They plan it ahead and meet at a specific time but it looks like it  happens spontaneously.  Watch this one!  It gives me goosebumps!!  Merry Christmas!
Looks like a lot of fun!!

If I go again, I will listen to the 1940's songs as I venture around.  And I will allow all the time in the world to look and think and imagine as I wander about.

Presbyterian Church on Madison Ave.
I went to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) which is an International organization and the same study is going on all over the world, so I was able to attend the NYC study.  It was strange to see some of the participants in high heels and looking like fashion models!!  But others looked like me - extremely casual.
Jesus healing the sick.
I love Stained Glass windows.  This is from the above Church.

I can not imagine New York during a Black Out!

ps  Did I mention we went to see the Rockettes do the Radio City Christmas Spectacular?
It really was spectacular!!

Jeannie - Girl Reporter
From NYC
until tomorrow

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2010 Jeannie Baumeister


Jan said...

I followed your link for the "flash mob". That was pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing. I didn't know what that was either. I'm like you, I don't know new terms unless it has to do with my favorite hobby; smocking/sewing.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Dear Girl Reporter,

I had seen the youtube video but didn't realize that it was called a flash mob. You are making New York really come alive. I've only been there in the summer. Love the travelogue.

Jan M said...

I have really loved reading of all your NYC adventures and thoughts! While I have visited the city several times, I have always longed to visit it at Christmas. Through you, I have!

Prissy said...

The flash mob video was AMAZING! Gave me goosebumps. Things like that would never happen in my small town. Thanks for sharing!

Hugs, Prissy

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