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Monday, December 13

A Long Walk About!

Corner of Washington Square.  The apartment building to the left was said to be where Bob Dylan lived at one time during his early year (s).  
Washington Square is a park that is known for many things.  One of them is music.  Many of the Folk Singers (from the 60's) played here.  Joan Baez wrote a song about her and Bob Dylan and mentions  Washington Square in it.  

Very left is Bob Dylan and above him is Joan Baez.  In the middle, see the Beatles.
Very detailed Graffiti on one of the walls in the area.  
Everyone walks in NYC and few people appear overweight. I am sure it is the walking.     Those that are overweight - must be tourists!  I know I walked a million miles when I was there!!!
We walked around in SOHO (did you know it is really a practical name?  It means  the area is South of Houston  Street.

We walked everywhere - transported to the different areas by the Subway.  Subways, in my opinion,  are un-natural.  Like Airplanes.

This is a NYC Christmas Tree farm!! (not really a farm)

The day I ventured out to BSF  alone, was the only day it rained.  You don't want to be in NYC when it rains!! 
After the study, I tried to find my bus or subway and got completely, completely touristy -  lost.  Couldn't get my map out because of the wind and rain.  My umbrella turned inside out at least 6 times - really!  And the wind blew from one direction one moment and the next it surprised you from a different direction.

I was soaking wet in no time.  I finally found a cab who took me back to my warm hotel.  The cab cost was only $6.50!!!  What a deal.  I gave him a $10 but would have been happy to give him $20 if I'd had it.  I was in love with that cab driver when he picked me up!

Central Park in the Rain!
The only view I had of the famed park on this trip was from outside the park.

I can't decide which picture I like best.  The one above or this one with the pink umbrella.

Which picture do you like best??
Pink Umbrella Picture
No Pink Umbrella Picture??

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving your NYC posts...I like the pink umbrella pic. :)

Jan said...

The park looks lonely without any visitors and since I'm a "pink" girl, I pick the pic with the pink umbrella. I've loved seeing all your pics from New York.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Definitely the pink umbrella! It makes the picture really stand out.

Robin Hart said...

The pink umbrella for sure! You are really making me NEED a trip to NYC.

Sherry Richardson said...

Both are great and I'm enjoying your trip especially since I have never been. I need your itinerary!!!

kr said...

I think the pic would look great in black and white w/ just the pink umbrella in color.

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