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Saturday, December 4

Where oh Where Has Jeannie Been traveling?

Abigail is wearing Emma's Smocked Baby Dresses.
Cute Baby Abigail in an Old Fashioned Baby Dress and Bonnet.
Some people know how to dress their babies!

She wore the bonnet all day!
This is a Bonnet Trained Baby.

I took this photo!  And I was under the influence of Dramamine!
Guess where I was for the last few days??

The above picture gives you a hint!
Come on...I want you to guess!!  It was my first visit!

I absolutely had to check out the Infants department of one of the top New York stores.

A pretty display.

But I was not impressed with the clothes. 

 The knits were soft and cute enough.  But there were NO classic garments at all.  It was just better quality Wal-Mart!  

The Christening Gowns were all under $200 and I know that anyone of you could have made a nicer one in 6 hours!  I expected to see beautiful Christening Gowns in one of the most expensive Department Stores in the country.  What a shame!  

More power to you all!!  Your babies are better dresses than the wealthy!!

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Val said...

I am still working on learning the embroidery part. still haven't done anything except cut the gown out. I will though. Have fun!!!

Laurie said...

Love a bonnet-trained baby! That display was beautiful, but what a shame that there were no classic children's sad and such a waste of a beautiful display.

Sherry Richardson said...

You are so right about a higher class Walmart!! I don't like anything the stores have. I don't understand people not dressing their sweet babies.

Martha said...

Welcome home! Hope you had fun. Bergdorf-Goodman has classic children's wear. They carry Papo d'Anjo. It is frustrating trying to fight the babies in button-down shirts trend.

ShirleyC said...

Abigail is precious! I love seeing babies dressed like babies.

Piper said...

that is how a baby should be dressed! I have been so disgusted looking at store and what they put out there for babies to wear.
I love the classics and plan on mine dressed that way!

Robin Hart said...

Welcome back! One day I want to visit New York. I have a 'back stage pass' for the Metropolitan exhibits just waiting on me. My problem is I want to visit with a like minded soul.

Diana said...

I wish I could sew a Christening gown in six hours!!!! I just have one gown and slip made for my next baby and now I am crocheting the edges of a couple of blankets (I had to learn by myself, but I'm kind of proud of it!). Next in my list is another gown and the Christening gown and I also want to sew something for the big sister! OMG!

Jan said...

I agree with Shirley, a baby should be dressed like a baby. NOT a miniature teenager. They go thru that faze soon enough! And aren't all of happy we could stitch up something much better that the top New York stores :)

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