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Monday, January 17

How To Make Cute Pillowcases For Grandchildren!

I promised to give you measurements for the pillowcases I made my Grandchildren  for Christmas.

You can see that each Pillowcase had two pieces of fabric.  The large pillowcase fabric  and the narrower Hem fabric.  The hem can be made of any cute fabric.   But the pillowcase needs to be soft so sweet dreams can be had!

Fits Standard Pillow. 
Read all the directions before beginning!
1.  For 45" wide fabric.  Measure pillowcase fabric down along the selvage 28" and cut.  Cut off the selvages on both sides.     

Pillowcase fabric should measure - 28" X 42".
Contrast Pillowcase hem  should measure - 7 1/2" X 42"

2.  Fold Contrast fabric in half with wrong sides together so it will now measure 3 3/4"X42". Press.  You can baste the folded Contrast fabric together along the raw edge to keep it from shifting.

3.  Sew Contrast hem to Pillowcase fabric, right sides together and raw edges even.  Use 1/4" seam.  
Stitching Contrast Hem to Pillowcase fabric.

Serge raw edges or overcast on Sewing Machine. 
Picture shows wrong side of Pillowcase with seam allowance pressed toward Pillowcase and Contrast Hem pressed away.
4.  Turn seam allowance to inside so Contrast Hem is flat. press.

Cute Ric Rac covers the seam.
5.  Sew Cute trim right over the seam on the right side. 
 I try to stitch a tad above the seam line so the inside  seam allowance will be held in place.  

 Cute Ric Rac is from It's Sew Heavenly.

6.  Fold Pillowcase in half,right sides together and raw edges even.  Match the lower hem, the seam line, the top and and all raw edges.  Stitch in 1/4" seam  along the side of the pillowcase and serge seam to finish.

When stitched, you will have only one long seam on one side of the Pillowcase .  You will have the Contrast hem at the bottom (which is open to put the pillow in)  and an opening at the top.

7.  Now all you have to do is stitch the opening at the top of the pillowcase and serge to finish raw edges.

Press the seams and turn Pillowcase right side out.  I also stitch down the inside seam allowance that is along the contrast hem, just to neaten it.  But this is not necessary.

Sorry I didn't take more pictures!
This is an easy project and good for children to learn to sew!!

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2011 Jeannie Baumeister


Glenda said...

What a sweet idea! This is my first time to visit your blog. It's absolutely amazing!

Veronica and Victoria Williams said...

I love the trim you used!

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