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Sunday, January 16

Tea and Fun!

This is the cutest design.  Very old fashioned.  It was on a gift bag a friend gave me.

Inside the bag were some treasures.
She always knows what  I like!

And she fixed me Tea and gave me the choice of Cake or Chocolate Chip Cookies.  You see what I chose.  They were warm from the oven and yummy.  And the Earl Grey tea was the best I've had in ages.  Perhaps it was the company!

Of course I love having my cake (or cookies) and eating it too!  
And I did!  She let me take home the leftover cookies.  

Then we went to the movie that I have been wanting to see.  My sister saw it and she told me "Jeannie, stop whatever you are doing and go see that movie.  You will love it!"

And I did.

It was also very funny!

What a wonderful Fun day I had today!

"Life promises only Opportunity"
joan walsh anglund

(ps.  you can have as much fun as me if you want to)

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Robin Hart said...

Sounds like a wonderfully fun day!

Martha said...

Oh it sounds like a wonderful pre-birthday party! I soooo want to see that movie too. I was hoping to this weekend, just not enough hours in the day. Happy birthday a couple days early.

Elaine said...

I like the bag. Tea sounds like fun and I've heard about that movie. I do want to see it.

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