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Tuesday, March 8

Fun and Friends!

This small child's dress is from the 1800's.
I have been having fun!!

I went to up St. Francisville with two of my friends visiting from Texas.  And we went to the Audubon Historic Site which includes a Plantation Home.

There are two tea cups on the little table under the window.  Perfect!
When we came to this room on the home tour, my two (non sewing) friends said "Oh, this is Jeannie's room".  And yes this was the ladies sewing room.  With light coming in from the south,  it would have been bright enough to stitch even on this dark rainy day.

A view from the upstairs window.
The windows on the south side over look the formal garden. Too early for the flowers to bloom.   In this picture, you can't see the beautiful Camilla's which were in bloom.

This bedspread was hand woven in the 1800's.  
You can tell that it was a cherished possession by the wonderful condition it was in.  Will someone cherish my little baby dresses for well over 100 years?

I love the peace of this house. 

Wishing you peace in your home today!

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Kellie said...

Thank you for the tour! I am sure one of your dresses will be behind glass one day!

Goosegirl said...

Oh my that is a pretty house. What fun! Thank you for the pictures and I am so glad you had fun with your friends. It sounds like a wonderful time.

Val said...

Oh I loved this. Thank you for sharing your tour. And yes, one of your dresses would be treasured because they are more than special.

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