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Monday, October 31

Stitching With The Still Magnolias - in the woods!

This was the Class Project for the first day and for half of the second day.

I went to teach for the Still Magnolia Smocking Guild last weekend.

They chose the class Old Fashioned Baby Machine Stitched Daygown.  We turned it into a 9 hour class so they were able to get more stitching done on the Daygown.

The afternoon of the second day was an embroidered Tea Towel.
They had a lovely banner, complete with Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
Do you see all the pretty gift bags?   They had the neatest tradition!  Everyone who came brought a nice gift and throughout the weekend, names were drawn until all the ladies received one of the gifts.  There was much thought in what they brought for a gift.  And each lady was delighted with what was received.

The common room was large with lots of natural light as well as very good artificial light.
The class was part of the Still Magnolia's Sewing Retreat.  I was the guest Teacher.  It was held at
 Lake D'Arbonne State Park in North Louisiana.  It was a beautiful place. The first day I went for a walk at lunch.
I saw pretty berries on my walk.
We arrived on Thursday evening and stayed until Sunday morning.
I brought lots of pretty things for the Magnolia's to see and touch which you can't do over the internet.  They had fun with the lace and fabric!

Some of it went home to live with them.

Karen is stitching on her Daygown.

A girl after my own heart...she uses a Thimble!

There was much sewing going on at night!  So Karen tucked and embroidered her sleeve like the sleeve on my blue Daygown.

Her Roses and her Featherstitching is beautiful. 

I am third from the left.
Here we are....well most of us.  I'm sorry that some are missing.
We didn't take this picture until the end of class on Sat.  

This was a Needle Case someone had stitched.
I see the most beautiful stitched sewing things when I teach.

It was a wonderful time of friendship and stitching in a beautiful setting. 
I left Sunday morning and I stopped by the side of the road to snap a couple of pictures.

The beauty overwhelmed me.

"Come, be my friend,
and together we'll play.

We'll be happy and busy 
all through the day!"
Joan Walsh Anglund

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Robin Hart said...

That looks like so much fun. Glad you got to have more fun this year!

Karen S. said...

I had so much fun in this class and it has renewed my desire to make beautiful baby dresses... A little model will come along soon...I hope!)

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