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Sunday, November 6

Baby Betsy as Miss November!

Miss November

Baby Betsy has a new dress on for November as  some of you suggested she should.  She is going to Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandmama's house.  And will meet several Aunts for the first time.

That called for something special!

She is wearing a dress from the Old Fashioned Baby pattern "Antique Toddler Dresses".  It is a little large on her but the size 1 looks fine. 

The pattern has a Mock round yoke.  Which means it isn't a round yoke at all but only looks like one.  It is really  an easy square yoke pattern with a ruffle attached.

The sleeve band was made using Swiss Insertion for the band and  then lace edging was sewn onto it.  Notice that a narrow lace edging was stitched (by machine) to a lace insertion to create a winder lace edging.  Click on photo to enlarge.

The lace is antique and I didn't have a wide edging that went with it.  You can easily do that with lace that you have collected when you need a wider edging.  I actually think it is very pretty done this way.

Although this lace was old, it was readily available when the dress was made (but no longer).  This is a lesson for lace collectors (otherwise known as stashers) that what is available today, can not be had tomorrow!!  So rid yourself of any guilt when you add to your lovely lace collection.

This is the Fancy view in the pattern and there are two other versions that are simpler.  This dress is a very close copy of an Antique Baby Dress from the LSU Clothing Collection.

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2011 Jeannie Baumeister


Kellie said...

Love this...I imagine she will be dressed for each season... or perhaps a different dress for each month!

Sewconsult said...

She will get lots of hugs and admirations in that beautiful dress.

Denise-Ann said...

Beautiful, Mine is still a WIP - and my two sewing friends always joke about the "blue dress". I will finish it one day. Denise-Ann

Martha said...

Chuckled at Baby Betsy being Miss November. :) Sweet sweet dress.

Alix said...

Absolutely stunning! One day I'm going to try to make a dress like this. Just beautiful!

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