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Friday, December 16

Sew Beautiful and My New Pattern!!

I have received much interest in this dress  featured in the brand new Sew Beautiful Magazine.

It is one of the patterns that will be available soon but is not ready now!
I am working hard!

This is an elegant but simple little sleeveless Tucked Dress.

I have this Swiss Edging for sale too, but just haven't put it on my web site yet.
There are tucks at the hem to match the ones on the yoke.  
And floss threaded through the Swiss Edging.
If you like this pretty embroidery design...
you will find it on Page 37 of my Jeannie B. Embroidery Book.

Not shown in the magazine is the other Dress view in the pattern.
It does not have tucks but has a sweet Shadow Embroidery Design (included) on the Yoke.

And no tucks on the hem either, just a Swiss Edging.
I used a fine Pima Pique for this dress.

So, which is  your favorite?

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2011 Jeannie Baumeister


Robin Hart said...

I love both. Cannot wait for this next batch of patterns.

Kellie said...

Both are absolutely exquisite! SO Beautiful work!

Jean said...

Love them both, but am going to vote for the tucked version as my favorite. Question: are you going to include an option for a little cap sleeve? Pretty please? :)

Jeannie B. said...

So Happy you like them. Jean... So sorry but it is almost on the way to the printer and cannot make changes at this point!

Angela Lee said...

Stop it! I just can't sew enough to keep up. I have to have this pattern now. I just have no idea for whom I would sew it! But someone will have to get it. The tucks are my fave. Love, love, love it.

B said...

Guess I know what my grand daughter will be wearing for Easter.

db said...

Can't wait to buy this pattern - please, please, please consider offering kits for this beautiful creation.

Emily Monarch said...

Yay! I am so glad you have another toddler dress pattern. I love your patterns so much but my baby is quickly growing out of the infant size. I have made your other toddler dress twice for my older daughter and I love it.

Cheryl M. said...


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