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Friday, May 18

Paris Ballet - Day Two

We had to walk inside any Baby Shop  we happened to pass by!

This little pink dress was very nice.

This was an exclusive shop but there were few garments I would have considered top quality as to hand (or even machine) fine heirloom type garments.  Most were knits and the sweaters were beautiful. Not a Smocked Dress in the place.

The Shop owner was kind to let me take pictures.
These Shoes are TOO cute (80E which would be over $100.00)
Lucky for me I don't have any Baby Girls or I would have been sorely tempted!

All the buildings are beautiful and fit together like a nice puzzle.

We loved the Cafe's with the outside tables.  The chairs faced the street so you can see people walk by.

My Granddaughter and myself.  
In Paris!! (we couldn't believe it)

Opera National De Paris

The Ballet was held at the Palais Garnier.  
The first thing I did after I booked our airfare was to buy tickets to the Ballet. 
 I love Ballet and wanted to experience it in the Palais Garnier.

Me and my Granddaughter.
The Ballet was L'histoire de Manon which I had never heard of.  The dancers were amazing. And the final scene took place in the swamps of Louisiana  (transported I guess from France to Canada to Louisiana).   Living in  Louisiana we could tell from the scenery that it was our own swamps!

Yes, I choose to live in a place that people were transported to for punishment years ago!

Amber, Inside the  Palais Garnier.
Opulent and beautiful.

Our view of the stage.
From a viewing perspective, I loved our seats.  But from a sitting perspective, they were the most uncomfortable seats I have ever experienced.

Hmm, a real incentive to buy more expensive seats in this Opera House!

The sides were Box Seats and I was allowed to peek inside.  There was a beautiful door leading to each individual Box and chairs that you could actually move about (they did look comfortable).  But if you were not sitting in the front seats in the box, you would not have had the best view.  I like to see the Ballet front and center, myself, not from the side.  

But I read that when it was built (a long time ago) the patrons came to BE seen, not really to see the stage.

I could have gone home the next day and been completely happy.

This was an unbelievable experience.

Happy, Happy, Happy!
Was I!!!

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Jan M said...

Not sure I could have passed up such sweet shoes, even though there are no little girls in our family at the moment.
The ballet sounds wonderful! Maybe uncomfortable seats would help keep my husband, and others, awake during the performance! Thanks again for sharing a bit of the trip with us!

Rebecca said...

I think you need to sell YOUR SMOCKED DRESSES to one of those elite shops! I'm sure they would LOVE to have your work!

Great post sweet friend~


Kellie said...

How fun to enjoy with your granddaughter! Sew glad you made time for a sweet dress shop! Love the shoes!

Unknown said...

You are having my dream vaction, only I'm with my 12yr old daughter! Your wonderful picture brought tears to my eyes! Please keep on posting...

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Thanks for the photos, what a wonderful place!

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