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Friday, August 3

Fun in South Louisiana

One of my favorite people came to visit us last week.

We took her down to Avery Island to see the Tabasco Factory. 
 I love to see how things are made! 

 Be sure to find out when they are filling the bottles with Tabasco Sauce or you will miss the action part of the tour.  Like we did!

Me, sitting in front of the cool Country Store.

Inside, you could taste the different kinds of Tabasco Sauce,  which I thought would be fun.  I tried the new Chipotle flavor.  It was really good....then the fire in my mouth began to spread.  OH MY GOSH....someone help me!  So the nice sales girl handed me a small sample cup of coke.  Chipotle coke! Didn't help.  ...uh...Worse!! 

But the ice cream did the trick.  Thank goodness.
Next, we took my Mother In Law on a driving tour through the Jungle Gardens.

There were alligators to be seen. 
 You can believe that we weren't about to feed them!

It was a beautiful drive and there were places to stop and look around but we were a little leery of the reptiles.  I could imagine them  waiting in the brush for unsuspecting tourists.

Avery Island was a fun place to visit.

This is South Louisiana.

We also went to the Red Stitch Farmers Market on Saturday morning.

My favorite was the fresh Basil.  Love that smell.

Then Gran made us fresh pizza with the produce we purchased.

Unbelievably good!!

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1 comment:

ShirleyC said...

South Louisiana is like it's own little country. I love visiting there when I can. I live in N. Louisiana, and it's so totally different.

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