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Tuesday, August 7

Sewing the Baby Lace - in My Garden

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My pink Baby's Smocked Layette Dress.
I have been working on this little dress.  I now have entredeux sewn to the neck edge,  ready to stitch my lace to the entredeux.

It is very early in the morning.  Not even bright yet!

This is the baby lace I've chosen.  Notice the lace heading.  (The heading is the very, very, very top threads in the straight edge of the lace.)  It's a pretty loose thread at the top of the heading.

So, I decide I will pull the top two threads of the lace.  That will give me more control over the gathers and make the gathers stay put.  But you must be very careful when pulling more than one thread.  There is more tension on the threads, making them more likely to break.

Detailed Instructions - Gathering and Sewing Lace

And my faithful Brown Dog is right here with me!

It stitches up quickly.  I am using a fine needle.  #10 or #11 Sharps.  And Madeira #80 weight thread.  You really must use a fine cotton thread when stitching lace.  
It does matter.

Another nice morning stitching.

My Red Rose is peeking through the fence.

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Kellie said...

So delate... love it! And I see your faithful friend is right by your side!

Jeannie B. said...

yes, he stays close by!

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