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Thursday, September 27

Wendy's Wonderful Shop in New Orleans!

The GNO SAGA group used Wendy Schoen's class room for my teaching event this past weekend.
Upstairs from the classroom was the most delightful shop.  Full of  Wendy's Patterns and Books and lovely fabric...and more fun things to see.

I am looking down on the shop from Wendy's office.
She has an office that overlooks the shop area.  All is nice, neat and organized. She has a talent for designing a pleasant office/shop space. It is very relaxing, calm and filled with pretty things.

But...what I loved best of all, were her vintage baby mannequins.
Above are three Baby Bonnet mannequins.

I LOVE them!

This is my favorite of the  three that she had displayed.
My heart goes pitter patter just looking at that face!!

And this full baby size mannequin!  
Isn't she cute?

Notice the baby has a paci in her mouth!
I think Wendy told me these three have been dubbed the alien children mannequins.

And this sad little girl looks very exotic.

One thing for sure...they were all very well dressed!

Last of all,  I want to show you this hand towel that was in her bathroom.
Love it!!

Wasn't that fun??

It would be well worth the effort to visit her shop in New Orleans.  But check with her about the hours they are open.  That information is on her website.

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Kellie said...

How fun! Not sure I would get much "work" done...I'd be sewing and stiching and smocking all the time!

Kathryn said...

What an amazing space! Are those all model garments on the rack, or does she sell ready to smock/embroider stuff? I could lose a whole day just looking at the samples and never be able to decide what to buy!

Tracy said...

How fun!! What a beautiful inspiring space.

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour! I need to make a trip over to New Orleans!

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