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Monday, November 26

Some Things I Liked in Washington DC

It was really interesting to see the dresses chosen by the different Presidents wives.
They are the actual dresses worn so you had a sense of the size each lady was.

While I was away teaching for the Baltimore Saga Guild, we took the Metro into Washington DC and my hostess guided me through the DAR museum as well as the Smithsonian collection of the First Ladies Dresses.

Click on any picture to enlarge.

I loved the older dresses best.

We were able to see many textiles at the DAR museum but I couldn't take photos of them.
You will have to make that visit for yourself!

This is the Louisiana room (my state) and there is the typical netting on the bed. It was not used as a designer touch back then.  The netting was essential to keep the mosquitoes (and malaria) away while you slept.
Most of the States had a room to represent them.  The rooms would be arranged by a certain time period and the items in the room would represent the chosen time.

The sewing machine is designed for the fabric to stitch from the side, instead of from front to back.
This sewing machine was in one of the rooms.

This room is laid out just as it might have been in a home.
They were having tea!

Love this Teddy Bear having Tea in the Childrens room!

A Bride is getting dressed for her wedding.
This is a Dollhouse room.  They had amazing Dollhouses to see.

This is the Night Nursery.
And one of my favorites!

There was a collection of Needlework Tools.  
Each piece was beautiful....and interesting.

My favorite of them all!  A Mother of Pearl handled Awl.

Front of the Whitehouse.
Me at the back of the White House. 

This was the cutest school group! 
 They all had bright orange caps on.  Made it easy for the chaperones to keep tabs on these teens, I imagine.  And we saw them again later...they were easy to spot!

And, the end of another great day!

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2012 Jeannie Baumeister

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so beautiful! I always enjoy it and spend time zooming in on the lovely stitches and absolutely gorgeous baby gowns. :) My husband and I visited DC this year in the summer and I was so very disappointed that the DAR Museum was closed for remodeling that day! I did get to see the First Ladies dresses in the Smithsonian. It was so interesting and fun to look at! Thank you for sharing all your lovely projects.

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