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Friday, November 23

Treasures From Annapolis

This sweet little baby gown came home with me.
It was alot of fun looking in the shops in Annapolis, and we found some treasures there!

This baby dress has a  beautiful yoke.
This dress belongs to Marlene,  she brought it to class to show me.  She was telling me how she had found it in an antique shop in Annapolis recently.  Then she pulled out her IPhone and showed me a picture of a pretty baby dress that she didn't buy.  And it was MY dress!!  The very same one I bought that is the top picture in this post.

How funny!  And lucky me, that she left it for me to find!

Her dress was exquisite and I understand why she chose it.  The yoke was made all in one piece.  Beautifully embroidered.

I liked the ruffle at the neck and sleeves.  It was a very tiny fabric ruffle, trimmed with lace edging.  Very dainty.

This is the inside of the sleeve.  I have to peek inside to see  how it was finished.  This dress was made by hand.  you can see how the fabric is rolled and whipped.

And this was the end of another lovely day.

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Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What lovely baby dresses! Isn't it nice to find something so beautiful that was made by hand?

Martha said...

Love that yoke. Beautiful. What a treasure to get to admire and inspect.

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