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Thursday, January 31

I am not a Quilter - I'm a Stitcher!

I am making a Quilt. 

This is the first block from the fabric I chose for my 2nd son.
I'm stitching it by hand.

Daisy  from Cottage Creations and a Friend helped me pick out the fabric to go together.
I had no idea it could be so difficult.  It took over 3 hours to decide on the fabrics! And I already knew I wanted the primary color to be red.  And I knew what the pattern would be!
Who knew how many different reds there would be to choose from!

I think it was the feeling of a "long term comittment" that made me so  picky.

They do go together well, don't they? I find that I love piecing them. 
It's easy, mindless and soothing!  I do it when my mind is too tired to work on my favorite stitching, which is baby clothes.

I call it Third tier stitching.

First tier is where you need to pay total attention to what you are doing or you are likely to have a mishap.  Like machine construction and fine embroidery.  I am permitted soft music in the background.

Second tier stitching is where I can listen to songs with words or books on tape (not too exciting, though).  That would be easy embroidery and repetitious stitches.  I can work Bullions, Featherstitching, Pinstitching,  etc.  and Smock.

Third tier stitching - well, I can talk, watch TV and listen to even exciting books on tape.  I can do anything!  It's just my hands going, not my mind.  Some smocking is like that too.  
Simply Soothing.  

This is my oldest son's quilt -to-be.  
I   showed it to him and he liked it. I had already decided that if he didn't like it,  I did. So I wasn't worried.   Blue is his favorite color.  And mine. I love the  three fabric combinations.  My second son   asked for red.  I like his too.  

On Thursday evening (tonight!), I walk three houses down the street to sit and stitch on my quilt blocks with Bernadette (who is a Quilter).   She does everything by hand which appeals to me.

Right now I am simply joining pretty  pieces of fabric together with the Running Stitch.

It's what I like!

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Vickie Wiggins said...

My mother was a quilter, she made several hand stitched quilts for each of her kids and grandkids, then changed to machine sewing the quilt tops together, then hand quilting them. When she passed, I inherited a couple of her finished tops and all of her material. I had to ask my sister-in-law to show me how to hand quilt so I could finish the tops. Almost 10 years loter, I am still working on the large quilt she left, but I have learned so much while working on it and enjoyed so many memories that I am not sure I want to ever finish! :-)

Used-to-Bees said...

Those quilts are going to be fabulous! I love the colours you've chosen and am in awe of you for hand-stitching the pieces together! I just finished a lap quilt a couple of days ago which I'd hand-quilted, but the piecing was done by machine. I couldn't imagine doing that bit by hand!

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