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Monday, February 25

Paris Sister Trip - Clothing Exhibit

This is a Infants Gown.
We went to several museums while in Paris, including one that had a clothing exhibit.  

 I can't remember which time period this dress was from! (sorry).  
We did spend the rest of our  time in France wondering how the women of this period walked through the doors and sat down, etc.

My favorite was the undergarments, which had frills and fine fabric.
I think it must have been quite exhausting just walking around in all this clothing.

I loved the pretty sleeves on this sheer muslin empire style gown.
It really was a wonderful exhibit and I had taken several photos before an attendant came to me and asked me not to take photographs.    I saw no signs posted, but they would have been in French which was a problem for me!   I didn't knowingly break the rules and she was very nice about it.

This is the underground  part of the Louvre pyramid. People were taking pictures of each other pretending to  hold it up.
I also wanted to see the Apple Store in the Louvre location.
Don't ask me why.  I just did!

It was kinda  like the stores here, but not really.

And another day done.

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