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Sunday, March 10

Paris Sister Trip - Needlework Market and Boutis

There were a couple of booths that displayed Boutis at the Paris Needlework Market.
You could buy books about Boutis (in French) and kits were available  to purchase.

It is beautiful beyond words!

This lady is demonstrating the Boutis technique.

Her work was lovely and I would have liked to sit and watch her all day long. 

Another booth featuring Boutis had beautiful samples.

Kumiko Nakayama Geraerts has also written books about Boutis.
I met the creator of this wonderful work.

Close up of Boutis work.

It is awe inspiring!!

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suziwong said...

I LOVE this technique and have a self constructed kit of a set of booties and a bib put away from a Inspirations magazine (mag still available from Country Bumpkin here in Adelaide) project. I've traced out the patterns, gathered the materials but that's about as far as i've gone. Would love to see it done in real life - loving your France blog posts Jeannie.

Val said...

Loving seeing all your pictures! And I am amazed at that technique.

Heather said...

Hello, I am so thrilled you have showcased the boutis ! I have been stitching this wonderful art for about 7 years, after discovering it in France. I always have a piece in progress, both big and small, and have also taught locally. It is absolutely fascinating to me and I know I will always be attempting to get better.

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