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Friday, March 8

Paris Sister Trip - Needlework Market

The Needlework Market was one of the reasons I went to Paris.

It was amazing

People were jam packed in this Market.
Needlework is alive and well in Paris, and I suspect people came from near and far to attend this market!  It was wonderful to see all the interest in sewing and needle arts.

There were needle works of all kinds but Needlepoint and Counted Crosswork were among the most popular.

There were a few sewing machine companies at the show.  
Pfaff was well represented.

There were areas where you could sew on a project. 
 I think you had to pre-register for them.

I enjoyed seeing the ladies working on their projects.  They seemed absorbed in what they were doing, mindless of their observers. 

 I never could determine what they were making.

A big booth on lighting and magnification.

And ironing demonstrations.

There were beautiful Japanese Lawns (they felt like Liberty Lawns!).  Why can't we get those fabrics here?

This lady is cutting fabric for me.

It was a dream come true if you could manage the crowds.
Patience was required!

More on the market next post...

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Used-to-Bees said...

I am really enjoying seeing the photos of your trip - sewing and Paris, two of my favourites! I lived in Paris for a year when I was 18 and loved going to Bouchara for fabric - don't know if it still exists, but it used to be near Galeries Lafayette. I'm pretty sure those lawns are Liberty as I regularly ponder over which design I like best...Looking forward to the rest of your trip.

suziwong said...

i have a love/hate relationship with markets: love the products etc but hate the crowds. Loving your pics though; i get to have a peek without the crowds haha

Anonymous said...

One of your sister's favorite parts was sitting on the floor, while the couple next to her unpacked a backpack: cheese, jambon (ham), a tube of mustard, the required baguette AND WINE!!!! For lunch at the needlework show! I was impressed. The show was amazing, but way too crowded for this sister of little patience. Kathy (the other sister who went to Paris)

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