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Friday, July 31

Emma's Smocked Baby Dress in Blue Dotted Swiss

Emma's Smocked Baby Dresses    as seen in Sew Beautiful Magazine.

I've shown you these pictures before.  

But I am so excited that Emma is available again that I decided to post some pictures this week.

This is the Classic Emma.

I did some cute things to it for the magazine article.

And made this dress in exquisite Blue Dotted Swiss!
(the real thing!)

I attached a lace edging along the skirt. 

 I stitched it with a small running stitch right over where the hem was stitched to the skirt.  Using a Madeira #80 thread, you can't even see the stitches.  Always use the same color thread as the lace.

Smocked and accented in my favorite color combo - pink and blue

And to answer the question about pleating Dotted Swiss.
I pleated it just like I would have pleated anything else.  I didn't have any trouble at all.  I just pleated slowly in case I pleated through a dot.  NO TROUBLE!  

I would never have considered removing the dots.  Way too much trouble.

I did a sweet collar treatment.  I found this on a baby dress shared with me by a student.  I named the dress in the Sew Beautiful article "Larsen Kate" after her Granddaughter.

I added a little cuff to the dress too.

Toot Sweet!

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2015 Jeannie Baumeister


chris630sews said...

Did you attach the lace to the collar by hand?

Jeannie B. said...

I attached it by hand, using Madeira #80 thread.

TerriSue said...

I grew up wearing Dotted Swiss. It was one of my mothers favorite fabrics to sew up for me. In the 50's and early 60's when she was making dresses out of it for me it was so easy to come by. What in the world happened? Then later for my first prom dress she made it out of a white background with red dot Dotted Swiss with a shirred bodice. Just gorgeous. You could go into any fabric store and there would be at least one table if not two just of Dotted Swiss, cotton mind you. Those were the days.

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