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Friday, October 30

I Love To Sew !

The fabrics are Civil War era reproductions.
My Blue and Beige Quilt is finished!

And now sits on my old quilt stand in my bedroom.

Looking like it belongs.

I began this quilt in November 2012.  

I hand pieced all the fabrics in the blocks.  I worked on it off and on for three years.  It has been a joy to pick up and work a few stitches.

Something easy to sew, to keep my hands busy when my mind was tired.
I wasn't in a hurry.

I worked on it through exciting episodes of Downton Abby because it didn't require much concentration.  AND I hand quilted it.  The hand quilting stitch is really just a Running Stitch. Anyone can do it!  

I am just so proud of myself!

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Louise M said...

And so you should be proud. Every stitch by hand. Amazing in these days when so many people reach for a machine instead of making the personal effort.

Jeannie B. said...

Thankyou. I find Hand Sewing is so relaxing.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Yes, you certainly should be proud of yourself, it's a beautiful quilt, and all handmade!

White Feather said...

I love hand sewing, as well, though I've not attempted to hand stitch quilt blocks! I've hand quilted a small quilt and that was fun. Congratulations on your "slow sewing" project. It really is lovely!

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