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Wednesday, November 4

My Fantastic Sewing Trip - Belgium Lace Shop

It's on the Square.
This is the place to go in Brussels,Ladies!

My friend Brenda (from the shop It's Sew Heavenly) and I took a Heavenly Sewing Related Trip!

To. Die. For.

This is the Shop where we found hand made Belgium lace By The Yard!!

Brenda and The Lace.
There was no such thing as "damage control" as the shop ladies pulled out bolt after bolt of this fine lace.

In different sizes and patterns.
And they had it in a narrow edging too!
They spoke English and were very pleasant and helpful.
We kept the Shop Ladies busy measuring.

There are many, many Lace Shops in Brussels  but I recommend Maison Antoine.
You will need to ask to see all the lace by the yard because it is tucked away in a cute little drawer.

And what fun we had talking about the plans we had for our lace.

You know what I'm talking about!!

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DianeB said...

Jeannie- This is also my favorite shop in Brussels! It is one of a very few shops with handmade lace yardage in all of Belgium. Believe me, I have been to several cities in Belgium and Antwerp and Brugge are really the only other cities that have any yardage at all to purchase. As a matter of fact, I just used a piece on the christening gown slip I finished yesterday! I have plenty more to use for my grandchildren's clothing! I'm sure you had a wonderful trip!

Jeannie B. said...

I would love to see a picture.

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