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Tuesday, September 15

I Went to the Birmingham Creative Needlework Market

This little girl went to Market!! I go as a Vender, showing my Old Fashioned Baby products, but I also go to see what is available, what is new, what the fabric and lace looks  and feels like up close and personal.  I look for fabric, trims and lace that inspire me.  I need things to use with my new designs and like to have beautiful things on hand to choose from!   It was a great market with some new venders, new customers and alot of excitment about sewing  heirloom garments as well as play clothes. Guess who came to my booth??  It was an Old Fashioned Baby!!  And a very cute one too!

 Cute little Baby with her big brother is wearing French Bonnet from Baby Bonnets One  and  Baby Rose Raglan Dresses.

I took a few picture of some of the companies we all know and love, but did not have time to take more pictures and there were tons of companies and designers you would love to visit with.

Ginger, from The Childrens Corner is in her booth showing the customers what is new and just how cute everything is when it is made up!  It is so much fun to see their garments in person and see which fabrics they choose when sewing up their creations.

The Old Fashioned Baby Booth!!(notice they mis spelled my name!! bad!)  All my patterns, Jewelry, Book and tons of Mother of Pearl Buttons!

Jeannie's design with Maline Lace,  featured in Sew Beautiful Magazine
Lace! Lace! Lace!
We all love lace!  And there were three of the Lace companies showing and selling their products.  You would think you'd died and gone to Lace Heaven!!

Here are Cyndy and Moe, owners of Capitol Imports.  They took time during a lull at  market  to pose for me in front of their booth.  They are always working to get  us even more fabric and lace designs in the best  quality and the best  price too! Beautiful Lace - Lovely Lace - Love their Lace!

Bear Threads owners Jim and Sheila Nicol along with Bear Threads namesake were busy showing customers their  wonderful  laces and fabrics.  They even have the hard to find "Handloom"  swiss embroideries available to customers.  Heavenly Lace, Lovely Lace, Love their Lace!

Elizabeth at The 1752 Company was busy every time I made the loop around market so I am showing you one of their lovely  Embroidered Nettings.  They are known for their English Nettings and have more than any other lace company.  They also carry others laces. !!!Love their Nettings!!! Love their Lace!!

What was HOT at Market!!??!!
Besides the new Old Fashioned Baby Patterns, that is.

These Buttons were going like Hot Cakes!!  They look like large M&M candies but are Dot Buttons.  Jeanne Rogers Wamack (of the Smocking Plate fame) had these packaged in bags with tons of different colors.  This is a sample of some of them.  They are so neat because they are NOT shank.  There is a little hole that goes from one side of the button to the other  and doesn't show.  It makes the buttons so easy to sew onto fabric. They are about 7/8" wide. She had cute ideas about how to use them as an embellishment on childrens clothing and other things. I know some of you already know things you would want to use them for, just by looking at them.  Check with your local shop, if they don't have them, call Jeanne at 205 823-1514

This was a Wholesale market and many Shop owners were busy selecting exquisite lace and fabric, patterns and anything a person could want.  Their shops should be loaded with goodies as they put out their precious stock!  Ask your local shop what they brought back from Market??


little dresses said...

Just today I learned that you have a blog! Hello! I was the new kid on the block this year "The Handmade Dress" and I had such a good time. Everyone was just so welcoming! I wish I had got a chance to visit with you, next time I will make that happen! I just wanted to pop in and say hi!


Jeannie Downs Baumeister said...

Yes, Samantha, I did see you at Market. You had the cutest booth there!! I did stop to tell you that. I am sure I was one of many and you won't remember me. I am sorry that I did not take the time to introduce myself to you.
Hello, my name is Jeannie!

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