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Friday, October 30

Jamie and The History of The T-Yoke Gown Pattern

The T-Yoke Baby Dress was made for Anna Gordon of Norfolk by her Mother,  Alice Virginia Gordon Barrett.
A Family Treasure!

T-Yoke Baby Dress circa 1920, made for Baby Anna.

Baby Anna Gordon Barrett was born on May 5, 1920.

Close up of Dress front.

Back of the original T-yoke Dress.  It had a yoke back with a placket  and lace insertion at the yoke.   My reproduction is open down the back.

Jamie, holding the dress made by her husband's Grandmother.

Baby is Jamie's  husband who is wearing the original T-Yoke Dress. He is the Grandson of Alice Virginia. 
(See, all Babies were once dressed like Babies!) 

My pattern (Antique T-Gown, Dress and Christening Gown), reproduction.  Includes Baby Gown on the left, " The" Dress and a slip.  The lace embellishment for the slip  is not in the pattern (slip is in the pattern but not embellished).  A 27" long  Christening Gown is included  and is a long version of the original Dress. 

 Pretty ruffles on the Dress and Slip!

Mother, Alice Virginia with Anna Gordon on the right and little sister, Shirley Louise on the left.


MamaMoose said...

Oh Jeannie;

It's Just Beautiful! I'm so honored that you took what was left of the original dress (which I found in the Garage after my Mother-in-Law's passing)and made such a wonderful reproduction dress. I was amazed when I first saw your reproduction dress in the Creative Needle Baby Issue; but when you put them side by side you realize how exact your reproduction is! Your pattern has now made it possible for Grandma Barrett's beautiful handwork to be recreated for another generation of my family! At least I will try! I cannot Thank You enough for all of your efforts and trials in bringing this dress back to life! It was wonderful having you teach "My" dress to our SAGA Chapter! This weekend will always be a highlight in my life!

Thank You from My Heart

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I love your version - so beautiful! The old pictures are darling. :)

Sara said...

What a sweet story and the dress and your reproduction is wonderful!!! I loved seeing these precious old photos too!! thanks for sharing.

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