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Saturday, November 21

The Sew Sew Sisterhood

Sew Sew's having fun.  I am taking the picture and one lady was in Italy.
I belong to a little sewing circle that was started way long ago when we were still young (relatively speaking).  We each remember the beginning a little differently but for me, it was  an-off shoot of those of us who got together to pleat premie bonnets and have lunch at my house.  We thought it would be fun to get together and just sew what ever we were working on!
Lorraine B. hosted this Sew Sew's.  You will recognize Lorraine by her SAGA ribbons!
We decided there would be no more than 8 members because that was the most we could seat at our table for lunch. We always have sharing and it's fun to see what others have done.
Lorraine B. made this bib from my new pattern "Baby's Sacque,Wrapper and 50 Embroidery Designs".

More lovely bibs by Lorraine.

Lorraine P. shared her new Grandaughter!  Cute! 
Notice she is wearing the "T-Yoke Gown" from my pattern, made by Grandma.
Lorraine is wild about fagoting!  The bib and yoke feature this lovely stitch.

Carole is all about doing the unbelievably tiny petite point for her Grandaughter's Doll House!

Diane was crocheting a Baby Blanket.

Someone was working on a Jan K. bear.

Jennie was working on a yoke for a Christening Gown.  Jennie likes to sew baby clothes by hand.
See the tiny Hemstitching used to attach the lace.  Lucky Baby!! 
A pretty dress for her new Grandaughter.
Lorraine P. is sewing Lace Edging to the hem of my pattern "Emma's Smocked Baby Dresses".
I was working on a Wee Care gown which I forgot to Photo so had to take the picture at home.
I decided to leave off the vines around the Cross (from my Embroidery Book) but need to wash away the blue marks.  I am going to add lace to the hem.


Jan said...

Maybe it is a good thing I don't live closer. I might insist that you find a bigger table! Nothing compares to being inspired by and stitching with friends.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way as Jan...table for 10? ;)

Robin Hart said...

Sounds like a great time and I think the banquet table should hold about 18? :) Love the wee care gown.

Frances said...

I am also in a sewing group of 9 ladies. We have to limit our numbers too because of space. We meet twice a month and sometimes go on retreats just to sew. Our ages are from 29 to 70, which gives us a wide variety of conversation. These ladies are my sewing "soul" mates. We tell secrets, get inspiration and advice and laugh until we can't see to sew. I live for it.

Jeannie B. said...

Isn't it fun? Inspiration is catching. It sparks from one person to the next and it multiplies! It is easy to start your own group. Just invite ladies over to sew. You will have such a great time, someone else will want to host the next sewing circle!

Ann Cornay said...

Jeannie, every time I read your blog I am reminded of the many wonderful hours several of us spent around the table in your shop, drinking tea, studying the Bible and sewing. I wish I could return to those fun times.

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