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Thursday, December 10

Miah enters a "Sew with Cotton" contest

Miah loves to sew on my sewing machine.
Miah made an Apron for a 4 H contest.  It was a "Sew with Cotton" contest.  She loves to sew on the sewing machine, lickety split.  (I pushed the 1/2 speed button to slow her down).  I stuck a piece of blue tape on the machine to help her guide the fabric accurately.  She did very well.

This was the first garment Miah made all by herself (with me guiding her) and she was very proud of her Apron.  

I am so proud of Miah's patience and hard work!!
Miah won First Place in the Elementary Apron division AND was one of two girls chosen to go to the State 4-H Sewing Camp!!!
Ladies, we have to teach our children and Grandchildren to sew when they are young and have the interest!!  There isn't a little girl alive who at one time does not want to sew on a Sewing Machine!!


Martha said...

Congratulations to Miah!! What memories the two of you are making. Can't wait to see what she learns at camp.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miah!! Your apron is awesome! :)

julia said...

I taught my girls when they were little and I bought them all sewing machines for Christmas one year. Two of them use them occasionally, but not often. Of course, they know that Momma will make them anything they want.

Jeannie B. said...

Thank you ladies!!
Julia, your daughters will come back to sewing, just you wait!

Robin Hart said...

Can I send my Paige to you to sew with micah? I am sure you are more patient than me?

Jeannie B. said...

Robin, It would be fun for Miah to sew with Paige but I doubt I am more patient. It is different and easier working with a Grandchild than a daughter!

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