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Wednesday, February 10

Dream Stitches: Baby's Layette - Three

Old photo from the Gandy collection displayed in the Dream Stitches exhibit.
Mother and Nurse weigh  Baby son. Taken 1908.

What a fat little baby!

We often think babies are bigger today than they were in days gone by but it's not the case.  Listen to this quote from 'Womans Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, 1917'  "The measurements given may be considered as standard for the infant of normal size - that is, one that weights about 8 pounds at birth...."

The average baby born today is  7 lbs. 10 oz. (according to The Center for Disease Control).

Standard Infant Measurements of 1917 (from Womans Institute)

Neck............9 1/2"
Armhole......9 1/2"
Inside sleeve length..6 3/4 to 7"
Wrist.............6 1/2"
Dress length....26 to 27"


Valerie said...

Hey there, Thank you for visiting my blog. You asked about buying a quilt from Granny but I have no email to contact you with. I am proud to find your blog though. You do beautiful work. I will add you to my blog list. I hope ro read more this weekend. Please contact me with an email and I will give you the info you are needing. You are a no reply blogger. Thank you so much for wanting to bless Granny.

Martha said...

I sure hope that is a baby girl, or Mommy and helper are going to take a shower here soon! Precious picture. I have wondered sometimes about vintage patterns how they would fit a baby today, but if the sizing is similar they should fit.

Jeannie B. said...

Martha, isn't that funny but I have always thought of that baby as a boy. And I did think the same thing about an undiapered baby!
What a lovely dress Ma Ma has on.

Jeannie B. said...

The baby is a boy. I found the information.

Hallie said...

These posts are so fun! As soon as I finish my bassinet bedding and crib skirt I'm going to try to start a "layette diary" for my little one. Thank you for doing these!

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