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Friday, February 12

I Gave Myself The Gift of A Morning!

Another Baton Rouge Snow Day.  Big Fluff Snow Flakes!!
All week long I looked forward to Friday morning.  I had given myself Friday morning as a gift!  No matter what else needed done, on Friday morning I was going to sit in front of the fire and do what ever I wanted.  The extra wonderful thing was the SNOW!  Sitting by the fire with snow gently falling outside is unusual in Baton Rouge.
What to do first!  And nothing that HAD to be done was allowed.
I chose to read 1 Corinthians Chapter 10.  I have been reading the letters of Paul and my bookmark fell open here.  Today, the part that spoke to me was verse 10 (although you have to read it all to understand it) where we are told not to grumble.  Meaning do not grumble at what or how God provides for us.  I have been leaning toward grumbling lately. I never thought of it as Grumbling to God.  I am grumbling at the unwashed dishes or socks on the floor.  Mostly little things , but big things too.   But thank you God that I have food to put on dishes that need washing and a son to wear the socks on the floor.  I  feel better now that I have that on an index card to remind me.  DON'T GRUMBLE!
This recipe has been in my Recipe Box for a long time!
Next, my son who leaves socks on the floor got up (I couldn't help but wake him up to see the snow) and wanted Pancakes.  We had pancakes with hot cocoa. The real kind that you make.
I am embroidering the hem of a Christening Gown.  Gorgeous lace!
I have been reading my way through Grace Livingston Hill books. "Margaret's beauty showed in stronger contrast as she moved about in her dainty blue and white, and seemed some rare bird of paradise dropped into their midst." from Because of Stephen. The books are full of moral uplifting, old (really old) fashioned romance and a happy ending.  I like that they were written around 1900.  The books are the romantic ideal of the author at that period of time.  And I embroidered on my Christening Gown. The Feather Stitch.  My favorite stitch!   A very, very  nice morning!


Sara said...

what a perfectly wonderful morming!!!
I always love GLH's books, read a lot of them in jr high. i always loved The Substitute Guest, my favorite!!!

Jeannie B. said...

Sara, I will put that on the top of my list. I only discovered her this year!

Martha said...

Oh what a wonderful morning it sounds like you had. We all need that message about grumbling. I love the hem of the cg. I love that entredeux between the laces. Beautiful. We will get to see pics of the completed gown? I have also been waiting to see the Bear Threads in all its glory.
My son was driving through Baton Rouge today but after the snow.

LAnderson said...

Sounds like a lovely morning - even it was snowing! I just heard on the news that 49 states have snow right now - amazing!
I too, have been a bit convicted about my grumbling lately - trying real hard to work on that! Thanks for the little devotion! :)

Cat said...

What a wonderfully fun morning! I love the photo of the bird house with the snow

Grandma Ellen said...

I like the idea of giving yourself the gift of a morning....I may try that myself! I think I remember that you like cats? If so, you may enjoy reading "The Cat Who...." series by Lilian Jackson Braun. These are very different thatn Grace Livingston Hill; I love reading them when I want something light. They are all mysteries.

Jeannie B. said...

Thankyou, I love book recommendations!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hem on that dress. I admire the patience required (but, as you know - lack any myself!). I feel quite selfish - I give myself the gift of every Saturday and Sunday morning! You should make it a practice to do this every Friday. You deserve it! Kathy

Goosegirl said...

What a beautiful reminder Jeannie. I am struggling to not grumble lately myself.
And have you read GLH's "Enchanted Barn"? I have so many GLH books but that is my all time favorite. Oh it is good!

I am glad you enjoyed your morning. It sounds cozy and wonderful.

Jeannie B. said...

I have not read the Enchanted Barn. I have decided to keep a list of the recommended books because I will never remember. I love to read, though I do it for a pleasant past time mainly.

Anonymous said...

What a great post, Jeannie! I loved "Because of Stephen" too. :) I have been reading some Betty Neels lately.

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