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Friday, February 5

I Love a Bubble Bath/How to Make a Bath Mitt

Lovely Bath Mitt makes a very nice gift!
This Bath Mitt is  quick and easy and makes bath time more fun!
I published this in Creative Needle magazine many years ago for my Old Fashioned Baby column. 
I am stocked up on Bubble Bath and Bath Salts after Christmas.
I'm easy to buy for!
I love a long, hot  and relaxing  bath! 
It's Therapy!! 
You can make this mitt with or without Embroidery.
1.   Cut Terry Cloth 9 1/4" long  X 12 1/2" wide
2.   Finish the lower edge (the 12 1/2" length) with pretty cotton bias binding cut 1" X 12 1/2".
For information about how to cut  bias binding see this  Pricilla's Layette  Lesson  Post.   Sew the bias binding  to the fabric using a 1/4" Seam allowance. For help with stitching and finishing bias binding see this Pricilla's Layette Post.  You would not, of course, press the binding into the shape of the neck edge, as for the Daygown.  But the stitching and finishing are the same.
3.   With right sides together, stitch the side seam, then the top seam.
Overcast the raw edges or serge the seam.
Embroider if desired.  Place the embroidery 1" from finished edge.  I used three evenly spaced Flower groups of 2 Lazy Daisies per group or flowers of your choice.    Connect the Flowers with the Running Stitch as I have done. Use three strands of Floss and an #8 Crewel Needle.

Give with a pretty bar of Soap!


Martha said...

What a wonderfully simple sweet gift that would be. Love it.

Tracy said...

I love it! What a great baby gift for Moms too. I think I will add this project to my 2010 Homemade Christmas to-do list. Love the bathroom too!

Robin Hart said...

Oh.. this could be a good use for torn towels that are still in good shape. Thanks!

Jeannie B. said...

Robin, what an excellent idea. Also, you could buy towels on sale and have the really good terry that is hard to find in fabric stores.

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