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Saturday, April 17

Victoria in Smocked Dress

Granddaughter Victoria with her Easter Bunny Birthday Cake!
Every year I make a Easter Bunny Cake, despite my lack of cake decorating skills!  
This year Easter and Victoria's birthday were side by side.
Victoria wearing a cute smocked dress.
My friend Catherine made this pretty dress with lots of smocking!  The pattern is a Childrens Corner but I don't know which one and knowing Catherine, she combined them.


Jan said...

Catherine did a lovely job, and Victoria looks beautiful in the dress! That bunny cake is adorable. I bet it tasted wonderful, and that is really what matters!

Martha said...

Happy belated birthday to a beautiful birthday girl. Her smocked dress is so pretty and perfect for her. I love your bunny cake. I have never tried one, maybe next year.

Julia said...

The bunny cake is really cute! That dress is beautiful, but so is the model!!!!

Anonymous said...

We make a bunny cake just like that almost every Easter! :) Cute girly and pretty dress! :)

seamsgreat said...

Sweet! Both the dress and the cake. ~janet

Jeannie B. said...

Victoria was thrilled with all your nice comments about her. Thank you for making her feel as special as she is!!


Cat said...

Wow--a lot of work on that dress! It's beautiful. When I was little--my mom made that bunny cake all the time. Brings back memories.

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