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Sunday, July 11

Stash Dress...The End!

This is the hem of my Stash Dress.
Picture of Ric Rac inserted into fabric.  See last two posts to see the DressI am talking about!!
To insert Ric Rac at the hem of my baby dress, I measured up to where the dress will be hemmed.  That was 6 1/8" above the raw edge of the hem because the hem allowance is 3"(plus 1/8" to turn under the raw edge).  To be precise you would need to add the extra fabric that inserting the Ric Rac required.  I didn't worry about it here.
Determine where you want the Ric Rac inserted.  Stitch right through the middle of the Ric Rack. I used white thread on my dress.  The dark thread is shown here so you can see it.
I folded the fabric right sides together over the Ric Rac and stitched right over the first stitching line.
When I  opened my fabric back up, this is what it looked like.  Then I "top stitched" right over the  Ric Rac where it butts up to the fabric.  I used white thread.  This was to keep it from flipping up.
This is what it looked like from the back.  Two stitching lines.  I can think of short cuts and different ways to do it.  But  just now, I am done with it and on to other things!    You are welcome to perfect and play with this cute little technique!!

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ShirleyC said...

Thanks so much. This was really helpful.

Julia said...

I love rick rack!! Great tips.

Sewconsult said...

A sweet little dress for sure. So much cuter than what can be found at retail. I loved making such dresses for my girls.

Cat said...

Thanks for this! I think this "new" dress is so popular because it's more "practical" for moms. I love making the beautiful heirloom gowns--but I haven't made one since she was born! I need "quick" dresses ;) This is perfect!

marsha said...

I loved this dress so much - just had to "copy" it. Then, went wild and made a similar one using your Baby Rose Raglan Dress pattern. Adorable! Thanks for the inspiration

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