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Friday, August 27

Embroidery - Stem/Outline Stitch

Use an Away Waste Knot to tie thread onto the fabric.
This stitch is worked from left to right.  The needle will always be pointing right to left.
Bring the needle up  on the design line.  Insert the needle to the right (along the design line)and bring it back out half way between where the thread comes up from the back (on the left) and where the needle is inserted along the design line on the right.  You will only insert the needle half way when you begin this stitch.
Pull the needle through the fabric.
Keep the thread Below (or Above) the needle all the time.  It doesn't matter if the thread is above or below the needle but you must be consistent.  The look is slightly different so try out both ways and see which one you like.
Alway pull the needle to the left.  This is very important to achieve a proper tension in the stitch which is what makes it pretty.

Insert needle to the right, along the design line and bring the needle back up in the same hole where the thread is coming up.  You will bring the needle back up in the same hole for each stitch except the first and last stitch.

Continue stitching in this manner until design is complete.

For the last stitch, insert your needle into the fabric as if for another stitch, but do not bring it back to the surface. You will tie the thread off.

You can see the thread from the Away Waste Knot at the top of this picture.  
Re-thread  and tie it off also.

Tie off by weaving the tread along the stitches on the wrong side.

I love that the wrong side of the Stem/Outline stitch is the Back Stitch!!

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2010 Jeannie Baumeister

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