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Friday, August 20

A Knot in the Fabric.

Sewing along by hand, with the running stitch.
When you are hand stitching a seam and you run out of thread, you must tie off your thread.
Take a little Backstitch.

Needle going through loop to form a tiny knot.
Bring the needle through the loop formed when working the Backstitch.

This forms a very tiny little knot in the thread.

By taking another backstitch, you are traveling away from the knot.
Take another Backstitch.

This way, you are not cutting the thread right beside the knot, which might cause it to work loose.
Now cut the thread.

To tie back on with a new thread, either tie on with a knot in the thread, then a backstitch.  Or stitch a secured backstitch with out a knot.  Then cut the tail.

It isn't so important how you tie on and off.  The important thing is that the thread is secure in the fabric and doesn't look a mess.  If you are stitching to be judged, knots should not show so make the stitches tiny.

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