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Sunday, August 22

Surprise In The Mail.

Australia's Country Bumpkin Books
This book arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. 
 A gift for the use of my Embroidery Designs that were published in the book.

I am pleased to have my name and  designs in this pretty book.  
I love the idea of making little "Memory" dresses to sew on the quilt.
What little girl wouldn't love such a quilt?

I didn't do any of the stitching work in the book.  
You might recognize the embroidery designs if you have taken some of my embroidery classes.
It looks pretty on the hem of this little dress.

I had not realized the quilt designer was the same lady who designed the  amazing quilt the St. Louis Smocking Guild made for last years SAGA Raffle.  I loved that quilt!   Many, Many of my tickets went in their basket in hopes (vain..alas) of winning that quilt!

Memories are such sweet reminders of our past!

All Designs Are Copyright Protected copyright 2010 Jeannie Baumeister


Valerie said...

I received my pattern and kit and I know I am so far behind but hope to start this week on the day gown. I am so excited. I do have a question. There are 2 threads that did not come with the kit. I went and asked Hobby lobby and they didn't know what I was talking about. I gave them the name and numbers of what I needed.

Jan said...

I love those quilt blocks. I may even make one of those quilts one day. I have a question. Any tips on useing rayon floss for smocking?

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